Our Design Process









Consultation and Initial Site Visit

We believe that a great design is the foundation for a great project.  Our initial step is an on-site consultation to discuss your project and determine the scope of work.  We meet with you to discuss our process and find out what your project goals are.  The designs we create are a collaboration of your vision, interests, and future plans for the space.

Conceptual Development and Design

After our initial visit you will receive a design contract and price based on the scope of work.  An average range for a master landscape plan design is $1,500 - $5,000.  The design process begins with a thorough analysis of your site.  Our team examines existing trees, drainage, privacy considerations, terrain, soil conditions, and sun and shade along with all the notes that were taken from the initial meeting.  Based on this study, measurements, photographs, and your goals, we create a CAD-based conceptual design.  Design takes about 2 – 3 weeks to develop the first outline of the Master Plan, and there may be 1 – 2 iterations of design.  During this time, we discuss the details and specific components of the plan, with multiple opportunities for collaboration.


Toward the end of design completion, our team compiles an estimate to get moving on landscape construction.  Typically landscape construction budgets range from 10%-20% of the value of your property.  We always consider that value in our master plan and want to match the level of your home in the exterior spaces.  Sometimes people choose to do a project all at once and sometimes it makes more sense to implement in phases (we can help to determine the most cost-effective way to phase things if you go that route).  We work with trusted landscapers, masons, irrigation specialists, lighting specialists, and carpenters to ensure that your project is executed with care.

Build Out

Think of us as your representative working on your behalf.  We oversee the contractor and your project’s installation.  We hand select specimen trees, plants, and specialty pieces for your project.  We direct hardscape elements, position trees, and verify sight lines.  We place the individual plants and deliver the final touches.

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